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omg gonna die
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"No new members will be added in EXO" 

well on the bright side, at least no one’s replacing kris.. cause NO ONE CAN replace kris. T^T


From debut bitch face to 2 years gummy smile, I seriously will love you forever. Fell in love with you in history, my first exo-m bias. Please take care of your health now, and I better see your adorable gummy smile on my dash everyday.


"We won’t stop until we’re number 1 in Asia, number 1 in the world, as 11.

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I thought this press conference was going to shed some light on what really happened. I thought someone was going to say like “Amidst all of the rumors going on, we would like to calm our fans down. Here is what actually happened…”. Instead, they just gave their own opinions on how Kris’ absence…

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  • Lol no, just no. I want the actual reason why kris left, not u telling me that kris officially left or exo members telling me about their disapointment. Yes everyone is disapointed but i feel that without the truth, im living in a fandom full of lies. Who knows what'll happen the next time...